Winston: A Day in the Life

By Winston



My daughter is only 4 years old, but all of a sudden she’s very interested in what I do at work. She knows I work at GMCR, though she says “the coffee place”. When she sees one of the tractor trailers around town or on the highway, covered with our logos, she says, “there’s Daddy’s work!”

It’s funny when you distill your job down for a 4 year old when you come home at night:

Daughter: “Daddy, what did you do today?”

Me: “Oh the usual”

Daughter: “I know, but tell me”

Me: “Ok, I drank coffee [yes occupationally, as a cupper!], I wrote some emails, I answered some emails, I went to a few meetings, and here I am.”

Daughter: “But you do that everyday! Why don’t you do something different?!”

Me: “Because that’s my job”


And then thankfully it’s time for dinner or there’s some other distraction.


My work isn’t always the same, however. 3 weeks ago I was in Costa Rica with 11 fellow employees visiting our coffee suppliers on an Origin Trip. I’m one of the co-leaders and aside from being a chaperone, translator, cat herder, time manager, and “bottled-water-orderer”, the main job is to connect our employees with coffee farmers in our supply chain and vice-versa. Introducing folks, translating for them, helping with small talk. It’s fun, but it’s hard to describe to my daughter. So I show her pictures (and I’m showing them to you as well) and say, look dear, here’s Daddy doing his job!”


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