Why I drink Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

By Winston

I drink this coffee at home in the morning, just about every day. The bag is really pretty, the green is so classy looking and yet friendly. More importantly, the coffee is clean, bright, fruity, and sweet without being sugary. It’s acidic without banging me over the head with it.

It goes without saying that I like fairness and social justice in my coffee and that I like to support the organic movement every chance I get. I’ve never been to Ethiopia, so I don’t have an exotic or touching origin story to share with you. I have met one of the supplying coffee cooperative’s General Manager, named Tadesse. He’s  sort of famous in the coffee world, partly because he was in Black Gold: A Film about Coffee Trade. [Every time I see him I have to reintroduce myself and in spite of that, he never seems to remember me. I don’t hold that against the coffee.]

Ethiopian coffees are very popular for us cuppers, as well. When we have too many samples to cup in the lab, the joke to Brent, who organizes the cuppings, is something along the lines of “Brent, I’m too busy to cup, but if you put some Ethiopians on the table, I’ll drop everything.” Or “Brent, it’s my birthday, can’t we just cup Ethiopians today, please?”

So, make your birthday everyday and have some fine Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee.

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