Why Green Mountain Coffee Is An Employee Friendly Workplace

By Rob


One of the great things I love about work
ing for an employee-friendly brand like Green Mountain Coffee┬« is the little things they do to keep us working folk happy. It’s not just about the fun and laid-back environment of our office – which is to be expected if you’ve ever spent any amount of time around our group – but the fact that our bosses like to surprise us with treats to break up the work week is a great point of difference for the team.

Most recently, I found myself smiling with anticipation when my supervisor strolled past my desk with eight flat boxes of Jimmz Pizza from Waterbruy and shouted, “Pizza party!”

We all popped our heads up and smiled at the phrase, as it’s one that many of u
s haven’t heard in years. With pepperoni, cheese, peppers, onions, barbecue chicken, bacon, and sausage as toppings, the entire crew was suddenly in good spirits as we munched on our respective slices and joked around until every slice was gone.


While it might seem like a minor thing, something as simple as a pizza party can be the ideal way to stay engaged and feel appreciated.

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