When Does a Third Cup of Coffee Make Sense?

By Randy Houser

Let’s face it: If coffee is your thing chances are you rarely make it through a day without at least one cup. More often than not, I like to follow up that initial cup of coffee with another – perhaps a different flavor to mix things up or even opting for an iced coffee instead. However, there do come the rare instances when those first two volleys of caffeine simply aren’t enough. In these desperate times, you may find yourself staring at that fateful third cup of coffee – the moment I’ve come to call “the point of no return.”  Here are few that’ve hit me over the years:

Is that the sunrise?
In college, pulling an all nighter is about as routine as ordering pizza for the fourth meal in a row or debating whether that wrinkled t-shirt is really dirty enough to justify making a trip down to the laundry room – it happens a lot, is what I’m saying. The crazy thing is that when you’re an undergrad, as tired as you might be for going a whole 24 hours without sleep, you can usually find enough energy to drag yourself to an 8 AM class and still make it to a late night meal before falling into a coma-like state for an extended period of time.

However, during the postgrad days of working 9 to 5, pulling an all-nighter is a far riskier proposition. If you find yourself wondering how the sun managed to come up before you made it home after a night out, you can bet there’s a third cup of coffee (at least) in your future.

There’s 506 miles to Chicago…
Going on a cross-country road trip is about as American as apple pie, but this heavily romanticized adventure doesn’t make it any less dauntingly monotonous when you’ve been on the road for eight hours and you still have hundreds of miles left to go. Whether you’re trying to make a trip from New York to Chicago or are planning a tour of the Southwest, nothing helps make sitting in a car for an 18-hour period bearable like multiple cups of caffeinated goodness.

One fine cup of coffee
Sometimes that third cup of coffee isn’t about recovering from the night of one-too-many-beers or completely a test of your endurance, it’s just because you’ve been handed one fine cup of coffee and you just want it. There are a seemingly limitless number of coffee varieties, flavors and methods of preparation, and when you find the one that’s perfect for your palette, it can be like falling in love for the first time all over again. For those special moments, go ahead and indulge – have another cup of coffee.

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