What’s Hot: Match Your Drink to your Brewer

By Kristen Mercure

Some like to match their shoes to their purse while others match their outfits to their drinks. And then there’s us: we like to mix and match our K-Cup® pods to our brewers.  But really, can you blame us? With over 500 varieties from 75 popular brands for beverages and seven fun colors available for the new K200 brewer alone, the color – and taste – combinations are endless. With new seasonal beverages and brewer colors, it’s clear that fashion and coffee go hand-in-hand, after all. Here are some of our favorite pairings:

Orange Zest + Green Mountain Coffee® Autumn Harvest Blend

Green Mountain Coffee® Autumn Harvest Blend when the winds pick up and the leaves start to tumble, reach for a cup of this aromatic and richly layered coffee – a hearty blend of medium and French roast beans featuring juicy red fruit notes and a dark chocolate finish. Brew this fall beauty in an Orange Zest K200 brewer and you’ll be cocooned in the season.

Violet + Laughing Man® Ethiopia Sidama

Grown and nurtured by farmers whose ancestors are believed to be the first in history to discover coffee’s great gifts, Laughing Man® Ethiopia Sidama is a coffee that speaks to the senses.Graceful in body with a delicate floral aroma and bright citrus notes of bergamot and lime, Sidama practically sparkles with interest. The beans – many of which are heirloom varieties – are cultivated on small farms across high elevation terrain, each one contributing its own distinct characteristics. The result is a profound coffee complexity that is a true expression of terroir.

Sandy Pearl + Green Mountain Coffee® Colombia Tres Bourbon Reserve

A lustering Sandy Pearl K200 deserves a colorful pick-me-up – or three. Green Mountain Coffee® Colombia Tres Bourbon have three heirloom varietals: Traditional Red Bourbon beans lend a syrupy sweetness, while heirloom Yellow Bourbon beans contribute bright acidity and delicate fruit notes. Rounding out the trio is a cultivated Bourbon Tekisik bean – sun-dried in the fruit as a “honey process” – offering sweet dried fruit notes and an elegant body. Together, they offer a sweetly aromatic, complex, and compelling cup.

White + Donut Shop Sweet and Creamy Maple Cream

Creamy white meet maple cream! Tap into something sweet with the new Donut Shop Sweet and Creamy Maple Cream: medium roast coffee, sweetened creamer, and the rich, buttery taste of maple cream. Perfectly creamy, perfectly sweet, and a whole lot of delicious.

Turquoise + Green Mountain Coffee® Organic Founder’s Blend

Turquoise, meet the turquoise lid of Green Mountain Coffee® Founder’s Blend. Since its start as a café and small batch roaster in Vermont, Green Mountain Coffee’s dedication has always been to sharing the joy of an honestly good cup of coffee. Featuring notes of floral citrus, crisp apples, and sweet caramel, Founder’s Blend embodies the bright and welcoming spirit of its home state.

Strawberry + Campbell’s Fresh-Brewed Soup™

What else to go with a stunning red brewer than one of the most iconic red cans?  Try a traditional favorite in the Homestyle Chicken and Broth: noodles, carrots, and flavorful spices and a perfectly seasoned chicken broth.

Black + Your Favorite!

Green Mountain Coffee® Nantucket BlendGreen Mountain Naturals® Hot Apple Cider? Donut Shop decaf?  Start with a dark canvas and add your favorite.  There’s no way you can go wrong when it’s Keurig Brewed®.

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