Wellness Hits Today

By Katherine Cheney

Now this is a nice call-out: Last week, Today.com mentioned Green Mountain Coffee® Antioxidant Blend K-Cup® packs as a good grab-and-go option for  wellness conscious coffee drinkers out there.  And we agree! Antioxidant Blend is a good source of antioxidant vitamins C and E and it’s still deeply satisfying.  We actually have an entire line of Wellness Brewed™ beverages to choose from on those hectic mornings.  This way, drinkers can enjoy the perfect combination of smart choices and great taste. Green Mountain Coffee®, Vitamin Burst®, and Celestial Seasonings® all feature beverages that are part of the Wellness Brewed™ line.

Green Mountain Coffee® Antioxidant Blend: Contains 10% Daily Value of Antioxidant Vitamins C and E per 8 fl. oz. serving.

Green Mountain Coffee® Focus Blend: Rich, well-balanced brew with 50mg of L-Theanine in every 8fl. oz. serving.

Vitamin Burst® Acai Berry and Vitamin Burst® Strawberry Pomegranate: Each 8-oz serving is high in antioxidant vitamin C, naturally sweetened with no artificial colors or flavors, and caffeine-free

Celestial Seasonings® Antioxidant Max™ Green Tea Blood Orange Start Fruit and Celestial Seasonings® Antioxidant Max™ Blackberry Pomegranate Green Tea: Traditional green tea leaves and potent green tea extract (two natural sources of flavonoids) plus 20% of your daily antioxidant Vitamin C per 8 fl. oz. serving.

Anything sound good to you?

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