Unique Wedding Tips

By Briana Keene

It’s Wedding Wednesday and today we’re talking about adding a personal touch to make your day that much more special, which will have a lasting impact on both you and your guests!

Here are two of our unique ideas to help inspire your wedding planning:

Coffee Bar  – Create a #DIY coffee bar and feature a Keurig® brewer for you and all your coffee lover guests. With over 500 K-Cup pod varieties, there’s certainly something for everyone to brew at the reception and dance the night away.


Donation Favor – In lieu of traditional wedding favors for your guests, consider making a charitable donation to charity: water in their honor.


We are proud to support charity: water in their efforts to bring clean and safe drinking water to the 663 million people worldwide who otherwise don’t have access. You can help make an impact by joining us, too! Give the Gift of Water

You can print out your own table cards to let your guests know that  you have made a charitable donation in their honor.

We have pledged $150,000 for clean water in Ethiopia this year as well as another $200,000 to support charity:water Pipeline efforts to ensure that the water “keeps flowing” through local water source maintenance and repair, tools, training and equipment.

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