Trivia Tuesday

By Amy Klinger


More Coffee Trivia…

For those of you who like to think about coffee as much as drink it, here are a few trivia questions to test your knowledge of this much adored (and needed) beverage.

  1. Where did coffee originate?
    1. Ethiopia
    2. Brazil
    3. Indonesia

(Answer a: Evidence suggests that the first coffee plants grew in the region of Kaffa in central Ethiopia.)

  1. What’s the origin of “Mocha” coffee:

a) Arabic word for chocolate
b) Yemeni Port City
c) Island off South America

(Answer b: Al-Mokha used to be a thriving port on the Red Sea Coast. It shipped a varietal of coffee native to Yemen and Ethiopia and lent its name to those beans.)

  1. Which will give you the biggest shot of caffeine?

a) Arabica beans
b) Robusta beans
c) Yerba mate tea

(Answer b: A six oz. cup of drip-brewed Robusta coffee will give you anything from 140-200 mg of caffeine, compared to around 100 in a cup of Arabica.)

  1. Which country comes SECOND to Brazil as the world’s largest coffee producer?

a) Vietnam
b) India
c) Columbia

(Answer a: Coffee was introduced to Vietnam by the French in the mid-19th century. Robusta beans account for most of Vietnam’s coffee output – more than 3.1 billion pounds in 2011.)

  1. Who first told North America about coffee?

a) William Penn
b) John Smith
c) Christopher Columbus

(Answer b: Founder of the Colony of Virginia in 1607, Smith would certainly have encountered coffee on his Turkish travels, so he usually gets the credit.)

Question Source: National Public Radio


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