Train Station News – December Edition


By Katherine Cheney


A holiday treat has arrived at the Train Station in the form of Special Reserve coffee. For a limited time, we are offering bagged coffee and K-Cup® packs of 100% Kona Coffee, a limited edition premium Arabica coffee. Green Mountain Coffee® Special Reserve includes exquisite coffees- handcrafted, artfully roasted, and limited in supply. So, come down to the Green Mountain Coffee® Visitor’s Center & Café to snag some for yourself before it runs out!

Kona coffee derives from the Kona District on Hawaii’s main island and more specifically from Greenwell Farm, a farm that dates back to 1850. This historic farm encompasses 100 acres of the region’s most fertile land and produces highly prized, award-winning coffee.

 Kona is one of the world’s most prized coffees with each cherry being hand-picked at the peak of ripeness. The coffee flavor is bright, but delicate and expresses dry, Chardonnay-like notes. It also presents refreshing hints of tropical fruit such as tart green apple and dried citrus. The aroma of Kona coffee is a floral and almond combination.

At the Train Station, you can find 16-count boxes of Kona K-Cup® packs for $35.99 and 10 oz. bags of Kona coffee for $24.99. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to try a truly unique and exquisite coffee. We hope to see you soon!


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