Top 5 Fall Activities – With Snacks

By Kristen Mercure

The essence of autumn is upon us.  The mornings have gotten a little chillier.  Yellow school buses are dotting the roadways in the afternoons. The trees have begun to turn in their green uniform for a more festive orange/yellow/red-hue.  Before we know it, scarves, sweaters, and boots will back in fashion alongside mugs full of pumpkin spice coffee.  But, then again, isn’t Pumpkin Spice coffee always in style?  Nevertheless, it’s time to get some of those quintessential fall activities on the calendar, paired with the right hot beverages, of course:

Fall hike

Let’s go for a hike!  Between the cooler temperatures, the sound of leaves beneath your boots, and the stunning foliage, autumn offers the perfect time to get lost in the woods. Grab a backpack, some snacks, and a travel mug full of Green Mountain Coffee® Pumpkin Spice, and you’re ready to go.

Apple picking

There is nothing like a fresh, crisp apple that you picked off the tree.  Once you’ve filled up an afternoon picking a bushel of juicy, bright apples, the rest of your week is sure to please with tasty apple treats that work oh-so-well with The Original Donut Shop® Sweet & Creamy Maple Cream.

Corn maze

If you didn’t manage to get lost in the woods, you will certainly get lost in a corn maze.  You’re going to need a travel mug full of Green Mountain Naturals® Hot Apple Cider (or maybe even Caramel Apple Cider) to make it through with your wits about you, especially if you find a maze that’s open at night.  Darkness always reveals who’s really an exert navigator.

Flag football

32-57-hut, hut, HUT!  Welcome back football season!  Tailgating is that much better than it’s for your own neighborhood’s Sunday morning game.  Mix up some snacks, brew some Café Escapes® Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa and prepare to grab those flags!

Weekend book snuggles

Welcome to the rainy weekend, fall’s favorite surprise.  No worries: rain just makes the leaves pop and look a little brighter. Snuggle into your favorite fleece blanket, grab a thick book, mug of Café Escapes® Chai Latte Specialty and some peanut butter acorns, and read the day away.

Here’s to fall and all it welcomes!

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