The Taste of the Tropics

By David Fletcher

Crystal blue oceans. White sand beaches. Lush green rainforests. The tropics are a region of natural wonders and laid-back living. Because when we think of the tropics, we think of relaxation. And you can’t relax without a delicious cup of coffee.

Fact is, some of the world’s most recognizable coffee is grown in the tropics, much of it in a region known as “The Bean Belt.” Conditions in this region – specifically the mountainous terrain and humid environment – are ideal for cultivating coffee beans, resulting in rich, distinctive flavors.

But this is not a one-way street. Coffee is doing its part to give back to the land. In countries like Brazil and Mexico, organizations like the Rainforest Alliance are working with coffee farmers to develop techniques to increase yield, protect farmers’ rights, and preserve the land for future generations.


The tropics are more than just an origin, though. They’re a source of original flavors; coffee that’s as vibrant and colorful as the region itself, with unique flavors that transport you to every delicious destination.

From the island indulgence of Tully’s® Hawaiian Blend to the tropical tastes of Green Mountain Coffee® Island Coconut® and Green Mountain Coffee® Summer Sunrise®, every cup is like a trip to paradise.


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