The Java of Java..

By David Fletcher

And the rest of Indonesia, too!


If you’ve ever enjoyed a cup of java (and really, who hasn’t?), you might have wondered where that nickname came from. Well, wonder no more.

Java is one of the 13,000 islands that make up Indonesia, a sprawling nation home to an abundance of exotic wildlife, amazing natural wonders, and uniquely delicious coffee.

An ideal coffee-growing location due to its nutrient-rich volcanic soil, equatorial climate, and large number of mountainous areas, Indonesia is the 4th highest producer of coffee in the world.

Unlike other top producers like Brazil and Colombia, however, its climate is much better suited for growing Robusta beans, which have twice the caffeine and roughly half the sugar of Arabica beans.

Coffee from Indonesia is uniquely flavorful, owing to a wide range of varieties and processing techniques. It is well-known for possessing a full body, mild acidity, and a distinctively deep earthiness. Sumatran, one of the region’s most popular coffees, is often dark roasted to add flavor, complexity, and a finish that feels like unsweetened cocoa.

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