The Coffee of Colombia

By David Fletcher

For coffee beans, Colombia is paradise.

For coffee drinkers, it’s not far off.


The combination of high altitudes, tropical climate, frequent rainfall and volcanic soils presents the perfect growing conditions for the region’s distinctively delicious coffee. Though Colombia is the third-largest coffee producer in the world, it is the #1 grower of Arabica beans.

Less caffeinated than Robusta beans, Arabica varieties produce a well-balanced coffee with mild acidity. This is due to a process called washing, which not only reduces the natural acidity of the beans, it also gives the coffee a richer, stronger aroma. And if you’ve ever enjoyed a cup of Colombian coffee, you know that warm, inviting aroma by heart.


Arabica coffee from Colombia is refined, but uncomplicated. Simple and balanced, it possesses a rich caramel sweetness and occasionally nutty undertones, along with a medium to full-bodied, creamy mouth-feel.

Depending on which of Colombia’s three growing regions the beans originate from, Colombian coffee might display other flavor profiles, from the crisp fruit notes of Green Mountain Coffee® Colombian Fair Trade Select to the chocolaty finish of Laughing Man® Colombia Huila.


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