Thankful for Thanksgiving (and turkey)

Thankful for Thanksgiving (and turkey)

When the end of November rolls around, I must admit where my mind goes first: turkey.  And stuffing and potatoes and cranberry sauce and green beans.  And pumpkin pie – we cannot forget the pumpkin pie.  It’s about cooking and baking and sautéing and refrigerating and feeling stuffed to the gills with epicurean delight.

And then I stop and actually think about it.

Thanksgiving is most certainly about food (coffee-crusted turkey, anyone?), but it also about thankfulness.  It’s about showing gratitude for your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your coworkers.  It’s about expressing the appreciation we feel for people who show they care, may it be by cleaning up a local river, proposing at the Grand Canyon, or simply taking the time to share a smile.

This week, we challenged members of our Green Mountain Coffee team to share what they’re thankful for this year.  And, as always, our team met the challenge in a revelation-ary manner:

Amanda: I am thankful for great family and great coffee! I love that I work for a company where I can introduce my family to great coffee as well as all the important work GMCR does to help “Brew a Better World”.  My brother loves our Fair Trade Seasonals and I’m very partial to our Special Reserves!

Reid: I’m thankful for the peaceful joy I’m experiencing in having my 11 month old little girl asleep in my arms while I try to type this on my iPad!  I should also mention I’m thankful for auto-correct.

To be be part of such an amazing company with truly wonderful and passionate (with above-average caffeinated levels) people is an experience for which to be thankful.  I’m thankful our company is doing so well which affords us with the ability to give back in ways tat impact so many.

Lesley: I am very  thankful to work for a company that embraces and supports my personal and professional growth, creativity, and learning.

Roger: I’m thankful for the fact that I am privileged enough to work with a group of dedicated and passionate individuals who collectively represent the best group of co-workers – and friends – that anyone could hope for.  On the home front, I’m extremely thankful that my kids still think I’m (relatively) cool.  I know it won’t last much longer, so while I still can, I’m soaking up as much of their indulgence as possible.

Jennifer: I am thankful to be working after spending most of 2009 unemployed, and am grateful for the opportunity Green Mountain Coffee has given me.

Ken: I’m thankful that more and more of our troops are returning from overseas duties.  I’m thankful to work for a company that can be both successful and CSR-minded.  I’m thankful that my kids still listen to me (for the most part).

Maureen (and Kristen): We’re grateful for Hot Apple Cider, which has spiced up our autumn and mustache Fridays (or Wednesdays, or Tuesdays, or whenever we need it).

Sandy: There are many things I’ll be giving thanks for on Thursday, but I wasn’t sure what to share here until I came across this blog post:

As we stuff ourselves silly with those traditional, only-on-Thanksgiving delicacies like green bean casserole (we affectionately call this “green mush” in my family) and the ubiquitous sweet potato marshmallow delight, it seems like the right time to thank farmers both near and far who help keep food on our plates and our coffee cups filled.

Nearby, I’d like to thank the fine folks at the Dog River Farm in Berlin, VT for opening up their farm through CSA shares, and challenging me to be creative in cooking up my weekly stash of zucchini, kale, and many mysterious varieties of squash.

Further away, I’d like to thank the Fair Trade farmers around the world who work hard to grow and deliver the high quality beans that are incorporated into so many Green Mountain Coffee varieties.

I’ll keep my thanks going year-round by buying local foods whenever possible, and choosing Fair Trade for products like coffee that are not grown locally.

Kristen: I am thankful for the food on my table, family by my side, and just enough caffeine to jump start my soul. And, of course, you – yes, you!  For all the Green Mountain Coffee fans who make this possible, thank you!

What are you thankful for this year?

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