Tanzanian Food Gardens: Almost Ready to Plant!

By Amanda Cooper

We recently received an update on a drip irrigation project we’re funding with Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers. In 2010, we supported a project with Sustainable Harvest in Tanzania focused on food security. The main project component was planting family gardens. Shortly into the start of the project, it was realized that the garden could not thrive, let alone survive, without a water irrigation system. In 2011, we agreed to support a drip irrigation component added on to the family garden project. While the drip irrigation system does allow for easier access to clean drinking water, it also allows for easy access to water for participants’ food gardens, allowing the original goal to be achieved: food security for coffee farmers and the community.

Here is the update from Rocio, who is working on the ground in Tanzania:

“This year the project will have around 315 new participants, bringing the total of direct beneficiaries to 385. The project is being implemented in 4 new sites. The water is already flowing to the plots in 3 of them and the last water system should be finished next week. The seedling nurseries are ready and we have started with the installation of the drip kits.


What made us really happy yesterday was to see how committed the farmers of Nyakabanda are to the project. We have 65 new participants there, each one with a plot of 15x15m2, and yesterday we could see that they have already prepared ALL the plots and they have them almost ready for the transplanting of the vegetables – amazing work!”

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