Summer House Guests – featuring K250 Oasis Brewer

By Briana Keene

We’re so excited! Our friend Kate from Domestikated Life  is back and sharing gorgeous photos and inspiration for any house guests that may arrive at your home this summer.

Kate is giving us four delightful tips to enhance your guests’ stay and to prepare your guest room and home for summer visitors! Kate believes those little details really make for a warm and cozy environment for those you love. We find it’s a little like making that perfect cup of coffee! 🙂

Set up a DIY coffee bar. As a coffee lover, Kate knows the importance of a freshly brewed cup of coffee when you wake up, first thing in the morning. As a guest, having a Keurig® brewer ready to go is such a nice element to make you feel like you’re staying at an upscale B & B. We’re also loving Kate’s coffeemaker color choice, as the K250 brewer in Oasis delivers a soothing and calming-like atmosphere.

For a seasonal touch, Kate included Green Mountain Coffee® Summer Sunrise® Blend K-Cup® pods, so guests can really feel the seasonal time of year. Adding a few succulents never hurts 😉

Customize mugs. Kate’s also very fond of adding monograms on decor so guests truly have a special experience at her house. She used plain white mugs and added metallic gold letter stickers to customize them guests’ last name initials. Genius!

Add some sweet treats. Chocolates on a pillow scream indulgence and luxury living. Kate grabbed some sweets from a local candy shop to add another sweet touch to her guests’ coffee bar. It’s also a wonderful way to include local favorites for your out of town guests. Her secret: just try not to eat them all before your guests arrive 😉

Welcome notes and Wi-Fi. In a  simple frame, add a handmade note to welcome your guests and provide anything that will make them feel right at home. It also doesn’t hurt to include internet access.


So there you have it! We hope you all can take a few of these pointers from Kate to help create your home into a vacation ‘oasis’ for your guests as well!

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