Source Trips – January 2015

By Shweta Pangam

Within the confines of a Keurig Green Mountain office, “from source to cup” is a phrase every employee hears all too often. A select few, lucky employees, however, get to experience it for themselves, thanks to our annual Source Trips! Earlier this year, our employees re-visited Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Mexico!

The foundation of these trips was based on educating the employees on the production of coffee, ranging from cherry picking and cupping, to tours of these countries’ coffee farms. While those in Costa Rica visited the tropical regions of Alajuela, San Jose, and Puntarenas, employees in Nicaragua experienced what life is like at the coffee estate of Selva Negra. And in Mexico, our employees experienced a mix of both a coffee estate and Fair Trade cooperatives. But that’s not all we had in store for our employees! We made sure they had a cultural experience they would never forget! Our employees were given the opportunity to interact with the farmers and their families, without whom the Green Mountain Coffee beverages that we depend on at 8:00 am every morning would not have been available to us.

While all three of these trips were structured with a common purpose, they each had their unique experiences that differentiated them from one another. Our employees in Costa Rica were able to leave with new formed friendships through the various team building activities they performed together. In addition to exploring several regions within the country, employees also got to attend town festivals and experience life in Costa Rica from a local perspective.

Meanwhile, our employees in Nicaragua visited a bio-digester where they were educated on Cooperative history and Fair Trade. With our partnership with Planting Hope, an NGO in Nicaragua, employees also got the opportunity to stay with local host families to develop educational opportunities and strengthen cultural ties between Nicaragua and the United States. We also added a bit of adventure by having boating activities around the Isketas Islands, a field trip to Masaya Volcano, and a shopping trip to the Masaya market.

Our Supply Chain Outreach department partially funded an NGO in Veracruz, Mexico called Vinculación y Desarrollo Agroecológico en el Café. Our employees visiting Mexico had the privilege to visit this NGO and support our Youth Leadership and Education for Sustainable Agriculture and Good Sovereignty program. With a focus on eliminating food scarcity and seasonal starvation, the program hopes to educate the coffee producing farmers and their families about nutrition while educating the children on how to farm and have differentiated crops that could provide a source of income and food for their families during thin months, i.e. non-coffee harvest months. Employees also got the chance to visit caves and sites of a future ecotourism project alongside having fun in activities like zip-lining across the river!

Keurig Green Mountain has seen many changes since its establishment, but there is one thing we have made sure remains constant and that’s our 23 year-long tradition of providing our employees with the experience of living our purpose of touching lives “from source to cup”.

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