Sharing the Comforts of Home this Memorial Day

By Amanda Cooper

Memorial Day is a day when Americans pay tribute to those who have lost their lives in service. As we enjoy the day today, I know I will also be thinking about those men and women who are not with us.

In addition to remembering the fallen soldiers, here at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters we also want to honor our active duty soldiers. I’m sure many of you have heard from service men and women the importance of coffee while in the field; especially good coffee. It is a comfort from home and a small luxury while on duty.

We’ve worked with Holy Joe’s Café since 2007 to provide that taste of home. Through Holy Joe’s we donate coffee to be served at bases and in military hospitals in a café setting. At these cafés soldiers can relax and talk with peers and seek council with their Chaplain over a cup of coffee.

We receive many testimonials about the power of coffee to bring people together and to comfort in these strenuous settings. As Chaplain L. Ray, Hospital Corpsman, 3rd Class USN said, “I’ve learned it’s the little things that matter most.  It’s that hot mug of coffee, it’s that letter from home, it’s a hug and a shoulder to cry on.  That’s what matters the most.  And it’s so much more than a hot mug of coffee or tea, to me.  It’s my touch of home!”

This morning over my cup of coffee, I’m thankful of the work of Chaplain L. Ray and all our service men and women. Happy Memorial Day!

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