Salted Caramel Cafe beverage featuring Folgers® Caramel Drizzle® Coffee

By Briana Keene

This fall, there is more than just pumpkin and apple pie! That’s right, we’re really hitting your sweet tooth with two words: salted caramel. The overly silky and tremendously scrumptious flavors of salt and caramel have given us a warm hug. We hope it does for you too!

Please enjoy this Salted Caramel Cafe recipe, brought to you by Folgers®, featuring a Folgers® Caramel Drizzle® K-Cup® Pod.


1 Folgers® Caramel Drizzle® K-Cup® Pod

2-3 T Caramel Sundae Syrup

Vanilla Flavored Creamer

Whipped Cream

Coarse Kosher Salt


1. BREW K-Cup® Pod in your Keurig® brewer on the smallest cup setting.
2.STIR in caramel syrup and creamer to taste. Top with whipped cream.
3.DRIZZLE with additional caramel syrup. Sprinkle very lightly with salt.



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