Safe Water, Food security, and Livelihoods for Coffee Growing Communities

By Amanda Cooper

Water Project in Nicaragua

Nicaragua, nestled in between Honduras and Costa Rica in Central America, is one of the countries in Latin America where GMCR sources coffee. Despite its abundant natural resources, one of Nicaragua’s challenges is access to clean, potable water.

In 2012, GMCR funded a water initiative with local Nicaraguan NGO    CII-ASDENIC entitled “Safe Water, food security, and livelihoods for coffee growing families and communities”. The grant, totaling nearly one million dollars will impact 859 families in 10 coffee growing communities in Northern Nicaragua over three years.  By supporting access to clean water, we are ensuring that farmers and families in these communities are able to lead healthier lives, absorbing the nutritional benefits provided by the food that they eat.

In the first month of the project, a strategic action plan was developed and a Potable Water and Sanitation Committee was formed (CAPS), both will help ensure the project’s sustainability past the 3 year GMCR support. Keeping on target with fortifying food security for 30% of participating families, 86 families have received home gardens and helped decide which types of produce will be grown.

Some upcoming activities we’ll be seeing from the project are construction of a drinking water system, training campaigns on nutrition, and school gardens implementation.

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