Preparing for Bonding Time on Black Friday

By Kristen Mercure

Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  Some see them as polar opposites: one of family and gratitude, the other consumerism at its finest.  That may be true for some, but not all.  Some dread being with family on turkey day while others see Black Friday as a chance for three generations wake up at 3 AM and head down to the mall to queue up and catch up.  It’s family time, just at 3 AM.  With that in mind, we had a few suggestions to make your bonding time that much more enjoyable on the busiest shopping day of the season:

  1. Wear layers. November is chilly, and November before sunrise is even chillier. But bear in mind that once you enter a store, the heat will be blasting.  Layer up so you can strip down to a comfortable temperature.
  2. Bring the good travel mug.  The insulated one. The one that doesn’t drip.   This is not a time to waste perfectly Keurig Brewed® coffee by spilling it in the car. Or on grandma.  No one needs that. Travel smart.
  3. Snack accordingly.  Waking up at 3 AM means you can rightfully add an additional meal or two to your Friday.  And it can be a seasonal addition.  Our suggestion: bring leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast, cold and delicious.

(And do keep an eye out for Keurig® brewer deals – it’s a gift that will make your friend’s eyes bug out with delight come Christmas.)

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