Planting Hope: Grants, Employee Source Trips and Cultural Exchange Program

By Amanda Cooper

Planting Hope serves communities in Nicaragua and the U.S. by enhancing educational opportunities, supporting grassrootsinitiatives and fostering cultural exchanges. Our support of Planting Hope includes funding for programs such as Coffee Camps for children of coffee farmers, economic diversification programs within coffee-growing communities, Senior Citizen meals, and a mobile library.


Employees who travel to Nicaragua on an Employee Source Trip visit some of Planting Hope’s projects. This past trip employees visited Coffee Camps. Children of coffee farmers attend these camps during the coffee harvest when school is not in session. The camps provide a safe, educational environment for the children while their parents are working on the coffee farms. Employees also visited a senior center where Senior Citizens, who spent their lives picking coffeein the surrounding hills, gather monthly to share a meal, listen to music and dance.


Planting Hope also coordinates and leads trips in Nicaragua for students, adults, and families. Participants visit Planting Hope projects, tour coffee farms, take excursions and even live with a Nicaraguan family. These trips are a great way to experience Nicaraguan and coffee culture. Find out more about these volunteer and cultural exchanges in Nicaragua.


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