Perfect Iced Tea K-Cups!

NEW Perfect Iced Tea K-Cups!

That’s right, you read that correctly:  ICED TEA K-CUPS


Our New Product wizards have worked with Celestial Seasoning’s Blendmasters to come up with four delicous, ready-to-individually-brew iced teas.  Forget those weak powders.  Stop hogging the fridge with that big ol’ pitcher.  Use your Keurig brewer, these Perfect Iced Tea k-cups, and the right cup filled with ice for the ultimate summer treat.

Refreshment is as easy as choose, brew and enjoy.  Click here for a fun demonstration of how they work.  Click here to see all four K-Cups.  Try them all:

All three sweetened teas use only naturally milled cain sugar with no artificial sweeteners.  Enjoy!

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