Peppermint White Mocha

By Briana Keene


Tis the season for peppermint and chocolate to come together in the most beautiful union! We’re so happy our friend and blogger Leah from Freutcake shares the same affinity for peppermint mocha as we do because she has the most festive Peppermint White Mocha Recipe to share with us, giving easy step by step directions so anyone can re-create this sweet chocolatey, peppermint concoction at home.

Peppermint White Mocha

2 Tablespoons Peppermint White Chocolate Syrup

1/4 cup whole milk, warmed

8 oz strong brewed Green Mountain Coffee® Holiday Blend Coffee

homemade whipped cream

crushed candy cane


  1. In a mug combine peppermint white chocolate syrup and milk.
  2. Top with hot coffee and stir to combine.
  3. Finish with a dollop of whipped, a sprinkle of crushed candy cane and a chocolate dipped candy cane.

Here’s the breakdown…

First, Leah created her very own Peppermint White Chocolate Syrup:


Peppermint White Chocolate Syrup

3.5 oz (1 bar) of white chocolate, chopped into small pieces

1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup sugar

1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract


  1. In a small saucepan heat heavy cream and sugar over medium heat stirring until sugar is melted and milk begins to simmer.
  2. Remove pot from the heat and stir in chopped white chocolate.
  3. Allow to sit in the hot milk mixture for a few minutes to melt and then whisk. If chocolate is not completely melted, return to lowest heat and whisk until completely melted.
  4. Stir in peppermint extract and pour into a heat proof jar or bottle to cool completely before refrigerating. *Always refrigerate this syrup.
  5. In a mug combine peppermint white chocolate syrup and milk.


Next, you need a Green Mountain Coffee® Holiday Blend K-Cup® pod. Spin those carousels around and grab one 🙂


Brew the Holiday Blend K-Cup® pod on the 8 oz setting, using your Keurig® brewer. Leah featured our  Keurig® K55 brewer in the beautiful rhubarb color. You can brew right into the same mug you combined the peppermint white chocolate syrup and milk!


Happy brewing 🙂



A dollop of whipped cream never hurt anyone..


You can even take it a step further like Leah did and make these chocolate dipped peppermint candy canes ahead of time to top off your mocha!

Chocolate Dipped Candy Canes

2 cups milk chocolate, chopped
1 box miniature candy canes (full sized will also work, just melt more chocolate!)


  1. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and set aside.
  2. Set a heat proof bowl over a pot of slightly simmering water on low heat.
  3. Add in the chocolate and stir until melted with a heat proof spatula or wooden spoon.
  4. Once chocolate is completely melted, remove from pot and dip candy canes in chocolate one at a time. Shake off the excess chocolate and place on prepared cookie sheet to cool.
  5. Allow candy canes to cool and chocolate to set before using as a garnish for coffee.


How adorable are these chocolate dipped peppermint candy canes?


And since it’s the holidays, crush some of those candy canes and sprinkle on top of your Mocha as the grand finale!



Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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