Our Top 5 Tax Day Brews

By Kristen Mercure

April 18th is soon upon us, and you know what that means: Tax Day. While we’re sure that most have had their taxes done for a long, long time, we thought that some may need a few revelations to finish this annual ritual on time.

And what revelation is better than the kind you get with Green Mountain Coffee?

Without further ado, here are our top 5 picks for the best Tax Day, revelation ready coffees:

5. Fair Trade Island Coconut – The Fair Trade coffee that reminds you of the trip to beach you’ll take after you’re done!  Plus, the coconut aroma is sure to spur you forward.
4. Harvard Blend – A blend that invites studied contemplation and may give you the smarts to take care of those line items.
3. Fair Trade Organic Sumatran Reserve – Extra Bold, Fair Trade, and ready to propel you to the finish line with this fierce cup!
2. Breakfast Blend Travel Mug: A classic, go-to coffee to help you out.  Plus, this travel mug size is packed with more coffee, so you can keep your eyes open to crunch those numbers.
1. Dark Magic® – Really, a little abracadabra never hurt.


Here’s to getting to the post office before 11:59 PM!  And remember: You can do it!

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