Organic Stories – From Farm to Cup

y Briana Keene

Take a trip with us around the world as we tell the story about a few of our coffee varieties. It is so important to us to understand where each bean comes from as well as how it is sourced and the journey it went on, to get to us, so we can share it with all of you.


Tasting Notes: A sweet, floral aroma, crisp acidity, and bright notes of citrus and ginger.

One of the most serious challenges facing coffee growing communities in Ethiopia is a lack of food security for farmers and their families, especially between harvests – a period of time known by many as “the hunger season”.

Thanks to your purchase of this Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, Green Mountain Coffee® is able to financially support programs that help our coffee farmers expand their access to nutritious foods and income throughout the year.Through tools and hands-on training, farmers learn to grow additional crops like sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes and to breed livestock like oxen and goats, which can be sold for additional income or used as a food source.These diversified assets make farmers more resilient so that growing and harvesting in the birthplace of coffee will continue for generations to come.


Tasting notes: A caramel sweetness paired with green apple and a cocoa finish.

Coffee farmers in Peru often have no “rainy day savings.” On a year-by-year basis, they are dependent on the success of their crop for the well-being of their families. The smallest turn of events – increasingly, those associated with climate change – can become a crisis.

One of the best ways Green Mountain Coffee® and your purchase of this Fair Trade Certified™ coffee help stabilize the livelihoods of farmers is by providing financial support to programs that strengthen local coffee cooperatives. As a vital link between coffee companies like ours and individual smallholder farms, strong co-ops provide farmers with access to training on coffee production and financial planning, and loans for investment in soil and plant health. These efforts all help farmers and families persevere through unexpected setbacks.


Tasting Notes: Full bodied with notes of dark chocolate, fresh fig, and a pleasant, lingering finish.

For all children, quality nutrition in the first two years of life is critical to their future development and ability to thrive. But for many families in coffee growing communities in Sumatra, access to quality food and nutrition education can be limited.

Thanks to your purchase of this Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, Green Mountain Coffee® has been able to support children’s health and well-being through programs that identify at-risk families and work closely with new mothers, teaching them about infant care, hygiene, and good nutrition. This education, coupled with hands-on training to produce nutritious foods at home, has led to steady improvements in diet diversity, child nutrition, and overall healthy consumption.


Tasting Notes: A masterful blend with notes of floral citrus, crisp apples, and sweet caramel.

The taste and quality of the coffee in your cup is inextricably linked to the vitality of the coffee plant and the soil in which it grows. Over years and years of planting and other environmental impacts, soil degradation has become a serious problem in many coffee-growing regions. The result is weaker, lower producing plants that are vulnerable to devastating diseases like Coffee Leaf Rust.

Thanks to your purchase of this Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, Green Mountain Coffee® has been able to support programs that build centralized organic fertilizer plants and distribute the rich compost to remote farms, while teaching farmers sustainable practices to improve soil health. These efforts have not only helped plants become more disease-resistant, they have increased coffee yields and quality, with the added bonus of improving the overall ecosystem for plants, animals and human beings.

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of our unique, treasured, and delicious roasts and we’re excited for you to try them all on

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