Off-to-College Check List

By Kristen Mercure



Let’s start with a truth: when it comes to moving into your college dorm for the first time, you will always, always forget something.  That extra storage bin.  Laundry detergent.  Your tooth brush.  Most of the time, you can survive without an item or two the first few days.  After all, you’re going to be busy with other things: finding the best pizza place with your new dorm mates; figuring out the optimal time to take a shower; learning the art of being lost on campus without letting anyone know you’re completely, hopelessly lost.  But then, there are a few things that are hard to live without if you left them at home – and a few more things that will make your transition into this new place that much easier:

  1. Dish soap – Once you realize that the cafeteria isn’t open 24/7 and/or is a half a mile away, you will eat in your room, guaranteed.  Used coffee mugs, bowls, and knives covered in peanut butter are not pleasant when left around for a day or two – especially if your room mates start to complain.  Remember to bring dish soap and clean dishes in the shared kitchen or bathroom.
  2. Shower sandals – Dorm showers. Enough said. Protect those toes from mildew.
  3. Keurig® brewer – Coffee at the touch of a button will not only save you long walks to the caf early in the morning (or very, very late nights), but it also will make your room the place to be.    An instant friend-maker, this brewer will be – just make sure they bring their own K-Cup® packs!  Plus, it’s a great hot water dispenser for instant noodles or oatmeal.  Did we mention there the Keurig® MINI Plus brewers come in 14 colors and have decals for select schools?? For great offers to go with your brewer and decals, be sure to check out
  4. Sewing kit – You may have never sewed in your life, but know this: stapling your pants when the hem comes loose will only work for so long.  A mini sewing kit let’s you fix a hem or pop on a button until Thanksgiving break (and then dad can do the heavy mending for you).
  5. Rain gear – It’s a bit of a shocker to hear, but it will rain at college.  Your feet will be wet.  Your hair will be wet.  Your shirt will be wet.  And you’ll be soaked until your classes are over. Furthermore, your room will smell of damp clothing for days.  Bring an umbrella, rain coat, and rain boots and avoid the issue.

Happy “Back to School,” everyone!


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