New Year New You with Keurig KOLD

By Briana Keene

As we start a New Year, with new possibilities, resolutions, and goals, it’s nice to get back into a routine, with lighter options, making us feel good but also incorporating foods and beverages that taste good, too!

We’re proud to offer thirst-quenching 0 calories options! From berry and citrus flavored waters to diet iced teas, we have a little something for everyone. 

Enjoy our lighter options, fewer calories but with 100% of the deliciousness:

Flavored Water:

Waterful™ Blissful Berry

Waterful™ Citrus Celebration™


Seraphine™ Seltzer Persian Lime

Seraphine™ Passion Fruit

Iced Tea:

Tierney’s™ Iced Tea Co. Diet Peach


Flynn’s™ Soda Shop Diet Orange Cream

Flynn’s Soda Shop Diet Root Beer 

We even have the perfect beverages to quench your thirst before or after your workouts!

Sports Hydration:

FLYTE™  Red Rush™

FLYTE™  Lemon Lime Launch™

FLYTE™  Zero Calorie Overtime Orange™ 

Want to try a little bit of them all? We have a great variety pack to get you started for the New Year with our Keurig® KOLD™  Zero Calorie Variety Pack.

For more on our Keurig® KOLD Drinkmakercheck out our entire array of varieties, fresh-made and perfectly chilled beverages, including sodas, from familiar brands such as Coca-Cola® and Dr Pepper®, as well as a brand new and unique line of cocktail mixers,

Enjoy 🙂


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