Must Be Ice

By Amy Klinger


In honor of the kickoff of Brew Over Ice season, this week’s trivia entry brings you fairly interesting info about the colder side of water: ice.

So, True or False – actually, scratch that…they’re all true.

  1. When water freezes to become ice, its volume increases by nine percent. This drop in density is why ice floats on water and allows lakes and rivers to freeze over rather than under.
  2. When a piece of ice breaks off from a glacier, it is called calving. Depending on the size of that piece, it could be a growler (less than a meter above the surface), a bergy bit (1 to 5 meters above the surface) or an iceberg (everything bigger).
  3. You can start a fire with ice. How? Carve a chunk of ice into a lens so that it works as a sort of magnifying glass, concentrating sunlight on one spot. Outdoors experts can do this with special effort. The rest of us are better off starting our fires with a match.
  4. Frank Zamboni invented the Zamboni in the late 1940s to fix the surface at the Iceland Skating Rink in Paramount, CA. His company later branched out, building or selling such products as the Astro Zamboni (to vacuum water from AstroTurf), the Grasshopper (to roll up artificial turf) and the Black Widow (to place dirt atop cemetery vaults).
  5. In the 1800’s, before mechanical refrigeration was invented, ice harvested from lakes in the northern U.S. was shipped to places as far away as India and regarded there as a great luxury.

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