Mug Round Up

By Kristen Mercure




Mug shot! Mug’s up! Mug for the camera!  No matter how you say it, the mug you choose to hold your hot beverage of choice is of vital importance.  Spending a minute or so in front of the kitchen cabinet in search of ol’ faithful is not an odd occurrence in our office.  The tides turn quickly when you find that some else has selected your mug – commence death stare across the cubical line.  Thankfully, there’s always time to snag it back.  Or to reconsider your mug mood.  Oh yes: mug moods.  A favorite mug for every occasion, every beverage, for every emotion.

Travel mug.  This is a no-nonsense mug: signed, sealed, and steaming.  Knock into me if you’d like, fellow commuter on the sidewalk, but you will not mess with my brew.  This one travels far.

The Love mug:  All is shiny and wonderful in the world – and everyone else should know it.  Brewing a hot cocoa with a dollop of whipped cream into this little beauty shouts: today is a great day to ask me a favor.  Love is in the air.

The Tankard: Elegant, yes, but that elegance disguises the need for coffee and lots of it.  A tankard of Dark Magic® coffee means you’re stressed…but you’d rather not let everyone else know.

So: Which mug are you clutching today?

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