Mother’s Day Moments with Maple Latte

By Briana Keene


As Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, what better way to celebrate with the special woman in your life, than by making her a delicious, warming Maple Latte?! Rich with milk and maple syrup, she’ll be surely feeling the love, as you share in a special treat together. 


1 Green Mountain Coffee® Double Diamond® K-Cup® Pod, brewed at 6 oz

1.5 T maple syrup

4 oz milk


1. Place syrup in a 10 oz mug

2. Brew Green Mountain Coffee® Double Diamond® K-Cup® pod, from your Keurig® brewer, at 6 oz, into mug, over maple syrup.

3. Stir coffee to incorporate maple syrup.

4. Place 4 oz of milk in mixer glass or second mug and froth with hand-held frother.

5. Pour milk into mug with coffee and maple syrup. Hold any foam back with spoon.

6. Once all milk is in the mug, stir gently.

7. Use spoon to add foam to top of beverage.

Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day!


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