More Than Just Compost

By Winston

Last week we received the first update from the Asociación Chajulense Organic Coffee Project that we are supporting in Chajul , Guatemala. The purpose of this project is to provide technical assistance to groups of widely dispersed indigenous coffee farmers in the cooperative to help them increase the yields of their organic coffee.


The goal is to increase yields and quality of organic coffee and thereby farmer livelihoods. As far as yields go, compost is certainly part of the story, but only a part – another big part is pruning, which many of these farmer never knew how to do properly. The other activities, pre-pulping, sorting, maintenance, clean drying patios, etc. focus more on quality aspects.

We’ll post some pictures next time we get an update.

Try some of our coffee that has some of theirs in it.
Map of Asociación Chajulense.
The coop’s website – in English and Spanish

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