More than 200,000 Individuals Impacted through Food-Security Support

By Amanda Cooper


We have a long history of working with our supply-chain communities, which now expands beyond coffee-growing communities. We are proud to report that in fiscal 2011 we allocated over $8 million in resources to help suppliers receive a fair price for their products, make business decisions that support their families, and build healthy, environmentally sound communities through monetary grants.

Since the research that led to the production of the documentary “After The Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands”, we’ve focused much of our outreach in coffee-growing communities to food-security projects. In fact, in fiscal 2011 we started or expanded 20 food-security projects that reached approximately 19,000 families in our supply chain. And since 2008 our support of of food-security projects have impacted more than 200,000 individuals within our supply chain.

We continued that focus but also funded other supply-chain projects in the areas of water, environmental stewardship, education, economic development, and health.

You can read more about our supply-chain community outreach and our other sustainbility programs by downloading our full fiscal 2011 CSR Report.

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