Limited Edition Holiday Coffees Bring in the Season

By Kristen Mercure

There are certain flavors that signal the beginning of the holiday season.  Warm cardamom.  Rich nutmeg.   Spicy cinnamon and ginger.  Each spice is distinct, but when their aromas waft through the kitchen? Do they bring back a wave of strong, joyful feelings of why we love this time of year so very much, or what?  Why can’t it be this time of year all year long?

Let the nostalgia begin, because our Limited Edition Holiday coffees are back and still packed with all the flavors of the season that you love.

Our Gingerbread coffee is delicious holiday treat that captures the flavors and aromas of fresh-baked gingerbread, just out of the oven. Spicy Eggnog has the rich nutmeg and creamy flavor of a traditional holiday eggnog served with a dash of cinnamon spice. Each sip is an invitation to relive joyful holiday celebrations and to create new memories- maybe even starting a new tradition with Gingerbread Coffee Whoopie pies?

Happy holiday sipping!

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