Let’s Get Outside!

By Briana Keene


As we’re gearing up for one of our favorite summer holidays, we love the idea of staying active, soaking up the rays, and enjoying he season with family and friends!

We love making lists of ideas, as you may have already noticed, to share our favorites in life with you!

So here we go with Summer Part I:

  1. As much as we love to cook and bake around here, it’s time to take the party outdoors! Read up on our Picnic-packing and it very well may help you when you’re making plans to hit the park with your best friend: http://blog.keurig.com/blog/amy-2/tips-to-pick-and-pack-a-picnic-for-the-fourth
  2. In those hot summer days, it’s nice to kick back with a cold Keurig Brewed beverage, and so, we have little tricks for you to keep that refreshing brew even tastier. This tip is cold as ice! http://blog.keurig.com/blog/kristen/make-infused-iced-cubes-to-brew-over-ice
  3. Burn calories while getting some Vitamin D! One of the best ways to get outside is to make a plan to be active. We love biking, kayaking, swimming, and paddle-boarding right now. What are your go-to summer sports?
  4. Travel. Travel. Travel. The summer is such a wonderful time to hit the road, make a day or weekend out of it, and go explore new sights. The best part is discovering new places that you did not even know you had to go too far to see!
  5. Let them eat ice cream! We could not have concluded a Summer Bucket List without dreaming of a little ice cream, of course. You will have to try our Vanilla Gelato next time you need a frozen treat: http://blog.keurig.com/blog/kristen/velvety-french-vanilla-coffee-gelato-recipe

Now, time to step outside!


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