Laughing Man® Coffee K-Cup Pods

By Briana Keene

We’re so excited to announce our partnership with Hugh Jackman, as we bring you Laughing Man®Coffee, exclusively for your Keurig® brewer. The finest coffee in your home is only a click away. Four inspiring coffee varieties are now available for you to try!



184 Duane St Blend – Light Roast. Balanced. Bright. Sweet. Hints of green apple and toasted graham cracker.


Colombia Huila  – Dark Roast. Dark. Smoky. Sweet. Black cherry and dark chocolate finish.


Dukale’s Blend – Medium Roast. Rich. Fruity. Full-Bodied. Chocolatey Body and notes of ripe plum.

Ethiopia Sidama – Light Roast. Aromatic. Complex. Elegant. Bright citrus notes of bergamot and lime.



Check out this great video of Hugh Jackman’s journey to bring Laughing Man® Coffee from Ethiopia to your kitchen!


You can find our full Laughing Man Coffee K-Cup pod collection right here on


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