Steppin’ Out In Style—the Keurig Mini Gets a Makeover

Steppin’ Out In Style—the Keurig Mini Gets a Makeover

You’ve heard the old adage “good things come in small packages.” We think this is aptly describes the K-Cup® portion pack, the little wonder that fills your cup to the brim with hot or cold refreshment. However, there is another small wonder, the driving force behind the K-Cup that also fits the bill: the Keurig® Mini Plus brewer.

This little guy is the next generation personal brewer. The Keurig Mini you once knew has been overhauled and made-over into a more technologically advanced unit that gives you more bells and whistles, while still creating the perfect cup of coffee.

So what are some of these improvements? For starters, the Mini Plus lets you choose between three brew sizes: 6, 8, or 10 ounces. It heats and brews in under two minutes; it has a removable and easy-to-clean drip tray; it can take a mug up to 5 inches in height when the drip tray is removed; and it has in-unit cord storage! It comes in three snazzy colors to boot: black, red, and platinum. And if you are new to the Keurig revolution and aren’t familiar with the broad selection of K-Cups that are available, we even throw in a 22-count variety pack of coffees and teas for you to try!

If you are looking for a Keurig brewer that’s compact, easy to use, and travels well, then this is the one for you!

Never used the Mini Plus?  Here’s how it works: Step 1: Turn it on!  Step 2: The Add Water indicator will flash blue–lift the Cold Water Reservoir Lid to open.  Step 3: Fill the water reservoir to the desired fill level and close the reservoir lid.  Step 4: Place mug on the drip tray.  Step 5: Lift the Brewer Handle to open–water will exit the reservoir and enter the brewer.  Step 6: Place selected K-Cup into the K-Cup Assembly.  Step 7: Lower the Brewer Handle completely and firmly to close.  Handy Operating Hint: before you lower the brewer handle to begin the brew cycle, make sure that all of the water has left the reservoir and drained into the brewer (you’ll be able to hear it draining). If you lower the brewer handle before the water has drained into the brewer, it will think it doesn’t have enough water in it, and will prompt you to add more. That will cause your cup to overflow and create quite a mess! (You’ll thank me later for this tip—trust me, I’m speaking from experience.  It even gives these instructions in the operator’s manual, which obviously I didn’t read.  That’ll teach me…).  Step 8: The Brew button will flash blue–press it; it will then flash red while the water is heating.   Step 9: The water will reach the correct temperature in approx. 2 minutes; the Brew Button will turn solid red and your beverage will start to dispense.  Step 10: Enjoy!

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