Keurig® 2.0 K250 Brewer Edition

By Drew Murray


We here at the Keurig Retail Store have seen great reactions from our customers about the fantastic color line-up of our new Keurig® 2.0 K250 Brewing System. Not only is it a perfect size to fit any counter space or dorm room, it is a great gift to give any student who is heading Back to School! One of our favorite features of this brewer is the array of beautiful colors you can choose from – to make your space unique to you!

Whether you want more of a scientific take on the psychology of colors (Color Psychology), or if you have more of the social pop-culture take and Google search “what your color says about you”… we have combined our favorites from those mindsets, and added our own colorful observations:

Orange: Bright, vibrant, energetic, while also pulling from the passionate and fiery red color along with the happy and optimistic qualities of from yellow. For us, an orange brewer is a great change of pace for those with a lust for life, those young at heart, or a great punch of color for vacation home or dorm room!

Turquoise: Calming, stable, sensitive, with a nod to intensity, creativity and individualism. A turquoise selection is a confident selection, and those who grab this brewer aren’t afraid to stand out!

Violet:  A strong color that exudes several different characteristics. If you’ve ever seen Wimbledon, you know that purple speaks to prestige and royalty. Wisdom, bravery, and mystery, are all traits that have be tied to purple. In your home, the violet K250, is the perfect fit for an exotic and glamorous look that definitely command attention.

Strawberry: A playful member of the red family, strawberry will definitely make you emotions of love, passion, and warmth. This color is the perfect brewer color choice for those that want to make a statement.

Black: Often cast as the most aggressive of colors, black is scientifically the most accepting of colors and absorbent of lift. At the store, many people say they get black ‘because it matches my other applicances’; but yet, we think people are looking for the perfect companion to their Green Mountain Coffee ® Double ♦♦ Diamond Coffee.

White: Purity is the most common descriptor for the color white; so clean and so modern. If you want to design the space around your coffee experience, white is the perfect clean canvas of which to start.

Sandy Pearl: We haven’t found many psychologists that do studies on the color “sandy pearl”. However, if it’s like any of it’s counterparts in the brown family, this color calmly screams of comfort, security, and relaxation. Visually, this brewer won’t dominate your counter top. It will quietly stand aside and let the brewed beverages speak for themselves!

We welcome you to express yourself through color – check out and the Keurig Retail Store, to select your favorite Keurig® 2.0 brewing system!

(Thanks to for the inspiration and overviews on colorpyschology.)


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