K-Cup Sweet Edge with Double Black Diamond Recipe

By Kristen Mercure

Some days you just feel dark. Dangerously dark.  You look for thrills around every corner.  Never mind the path less traveled, you want to seek out places nobody’s dared to go.  A new trail?  In!  Fugu for lunch?  Done! Organizing the office supply cabinet? …well, we’ll see.

Point is, when it comes to finding a thrill during your coffee break, there’s no doubt you’re reaching for some Double Black Diamond Extra Bold.  It’s a heavy-bodied coffee with a dark and toasty flavor. On a darkness scale of 1 – 10, this one goes to eleven all by itself – add a little coffee mixology to the mix and we’re at twelve.


K-Cup® Sweet Edge Recipe:




  • Add sugar and half & half to taste and stir.


  • Live on the edge– add whipped cream and enjoy the thrill.


So, will the Sweet Edge be your coffee break drink of choice today, National Coffee Break Day? Or are you feeling so extreme that you’re going to mix up your own brew?

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