K-Cup Pack Intervention Letter

By Kristen Mercure


Dear friend,

You know we love you, right?  You’re a special person to us.  Ever since your first sip of Green Mountain Coffee® (or was it Donut Shop?) we knew that you’re the kind of person who loves quality, convenience, and freshness.  Your passion for your Keurig® brewer is beyond measure.  The way you brew?  Inspired.  But – and this is hard to say – this needs to stop.

You know what we’re talking about: the K-Cup® pack hoarding.  We’ve seen your glove box.  Your coat pockets.  The creviced between your couch cushions.  Each spot is filled with K-Cup® packs – Dark Magic®, Island Coconut®, Snapple®, Barista Prima®, Cafe Caramel.  The list goes on and on.  The number of K-Cup® packs you’ve squirreled away worries us.  It’s not just the hoarding; it’s that you think that you have no other choice.

Today we need to let you know that it’s okay: you can always get more and there are even ways to organize what you have.  We have over 290 varieties of beverages at your disposal, available in grocery stores, retailers, and even on Keurig.com.  There are carousels and drawers and shelves made just for K-Cup® pack lovers like you, looking to an easy way to access the beverages they love.  The clutter has to stop so you can focus on what you love: enjoying the perfect beverage.

We love you, and we don’t like seeing this joy of brewing out of you. We’re all here together because we want you to accept help. We’re here to help. Will you accept our help today?


Your friendson the Green Mountain Coffee® blog


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