It’s Time For River Cleanup!

By Katherine Cheney

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters River Cleanup 2012

Get ready, it’s that time of year again: River Cleanup!  By the end of summer, we’ll host  five cleanup events at different company locations around the country. Earlier this summer, there was a cleanup of the Tennessee River in Knoxville, TN.  Then just last week, the first cleanup of the Puyallup River took place in Sumner, WA and employees in Castroville, CA got knee deep with cleanup activities at Elkhorn Slough. And next week?  The cleanup of the Merrimack River in Lowell, MA will start on the 13th!  We’ll be a little water logged by fall, but it’ll be worth it.

This week, our Vermont based employees will be pulling up their waders and plunging into the mud and water to remove trash and tires from the Winooski River. This summer marks Vermont’s ninth River Cleanup, and if this year is anything like the past eight, it’s sure to be a great success! Last year, almost 1,000 tires were hauled out of the river and I can’t imagine what that number will look like this year. Unfortunately, us Vermonters have been graced with excessive and consistent downpours so far this summer, making it difficult to enjoy our “fun in the sun.” However, this rain makes River Cleanup an even greater necessity because of the runoff and flooding.

This year, we’ve also teamed up with Bridgestone tires to recycle the tires pulled from the river. Bridgestone’s One Team, One Planet Spent Tire Community Clean-Up Support Program takes retrieved tires, free of charge, from local river cleanups and properly recycles and disposes of them.

Aside from tires, lots of strange objects were pulled from the river last August. Shopping carts, a “men working” sign, porta-potty, stove, and even a dumpster were removed from the water and banks of the Winooski. What kind of weird things will we find this year? Stay tuned and I’ll fill you in…

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