It’s Barbecue season – time to bring out the cold Iced Tea!

By John Deming

You know, this spring’s weather has been a bit perplexing to me. A few weeks back it seemed like warm, sunny days had arrived for good, but since then the weather hasn’t been able to make up its mind if it’s spring or not. One minute I’ll be enjoying a beautiful, 70-degree day, and then next it’s suddenly cold, damp and cloudy. All of this inconsistency has made it really difficult to enjoy one of my favorite seasonal activities – grilling.


But this past weekend I decided to hedge my bets on the weather and break out the old charcoal grill. With my eye on the sky, I rounded up the wife and kids and told them to get ready for the first delicious barbecue fare of the season. The second I mentioned grilling, the kids, Spencer and Sabrina were instantly asking to help.

I have to laugh every time the kids want to be included with the barbecue, because it’s almost impossible to get them to participate when I’m cooking a regular dinner in the kitchen. If there’s an oven involved, neither of them are anywhere to be seen, but mention “BBQ” and they’re suddenly aspiring chefs. I can’t blame the kids for their enthusiasm for grilling though – meat and vegetables cooking over an open flame is what I live for in the summertime.

With my wife’s supervision, I set the little ones to work shucking corn, cutting veggies and brewing some delicious Half  & Half iced tea with our Keurig® Brewer . Meanwhile, I headed out into the yard to get the grill started – all the while hoping that our first barbecue of the season wouldn’t be called on account of rain.

Luckily, the clouds cleared up immediately – just in time for the kids to run outside with a couple of pitchers of delicious iced tea. I got the fire started as Sabrina poured a few glasses of Sweet Raspberry and Southern Sweet Perfect iced tea. As the weather began to warm up, I remembered just how great a cold glass of iced tea is during a summer barbecue. In fact, both of those flavors reminded me of when I was a kid and it was my dad manning the grill – cooking up incredible burgers and hot dogs.

Seems that I wasn’t the only person in my neighborhood impatient for the weather to clear up. As the evening wore on, I got some serious whiffs of grilled steak and chicken wafting down my street. It’s official – barbecue season is finally here. Now we’ll just see if Mother Nature is willing to play along.

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