Introducing Green Mountain Coffee® Reserve Colombia Tres Bourbon

By Dana Routhier

Green Mountain Coffee® Reserve

Exquisite coffees — handcrafted, artfully roasted, and limited in supply.


New and exclusive to the Green Mountain Coffee® Reserve collection, Colombia Tres Bourbon is a bright, complex blend with a velvety body and rich notes of dark chocolate and dried cherries.

This coffee’s story begins high in Colombia’s Caicedonia mountain range in the province of Campo Azul. There you’ll find Las Margaritas, a small farm that produces some of the coffee industry’s most coveted new and heirloom varietals, including the Red, Yellow, and Tekisik Bourbon beans that compose this Reserve coffee.

When the beans arrive in our hands, we apply decades of roasting expertise to coax out the most distinct attributes for which these three Bourbon varieties were selected. Traditional Red Bourbon beans lend a syrupy sweetness, while heirloom Yellow Bourbon beans contribute bright acidity and delicate fruit notes. Rounding out the trio is a cultivated Bourbon Tekisik bean – sun-dried in the fruit as a “honey process” – offering sweet dried fruit notes and an elegant body.

Together, they offer a sweetly aromatic, complex, and compelling cup.

Learn more about the Green Mountain Coffee® Reserve Collection and experience this exceptional coffee for yourself!

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