International Left-Handers’ Day!

By Katherine Cheney

Happy International Left-Handers’ Day! Today is the day to celebrate your right to be left-handed. As a lefty, I’ll admit it’s fun to be part of this unique 13% of the world population, but being left-handed also comes with some challenges. Therefore, I’d like to suggest that, to stay sharp, left-handers consider maintaining a steady flow of caffeine throughout the day.

Not a lefty? Let me enlighten you with some of the pesky everyday tasks that grow infinitely harder due to left-handedness. The morning starts off smoothly until you get in the car. Where do I put my Original Donut Shop® Coffee? Of course, in the cup holder…that’s on the right hand side. Try maneuvering through traffic with a hot cup of coffee in your non-dominant hand. It’s not easy!

You make it to work stain-free and you’re already in need of another cup of coffee. Your day in the office is going well until you have to cut something. If you’re lucky, you have a pair of dulled, left-handed scissors that every lefty tries to hoard at their desk. If you’re not lucky, try using a pair of regular scissors with your right hand, or worse, with your left. It’s too much. You’re running low on energy, so it’s back to the kitchen for a mug of Cafe Escapes® Cafe Caramel. Do you see a trend?

After a long day of work it’s time to head home. The side of your left hand is covered in ink in a way that baffles right-handers, but you’re used to it. You finally sit down to dinner on the right side of a right-handed person only to inevitably bump elbows throughout the entire meal.

Every left-hander can relate to these common struggles in our everyday lives further proving that left-handed people probably need an extra cup of coffee during the day to keep us moving. So on National Left-Handers’ Day let’s commemorate all those days we brew an extra cup or two and embrace the right to be left-handed!

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