How to Host a Tasting Party Green Mountain Coffee Style

By Kristen Mercure

Coffee is more than just something to drink – it’s something to share! It connects us to each other and to the rest of the world – particularly if you’re tasting a few new varieties with friends.

If your enthusiasm for coffee is contagious (and we know it is), than why not throw a tasting party? It’s an easy way to share the java joy with friends – and have an excuse to brew up and try a few new origins.  It’s similar to a professional cupping, but less formal and more fun!  We’ve pulled together a step-by-step guide to creating a party around your favorite beverage.  Click the guide below to see the details and print it out:


For the more competitive set (I’m talking to you), you can also make it into a, “Who’s the Coffee Connoisseur” game, too.  After tasting each of the coffees, test your know-how with a blind tasting.  Brew up a fresh cup of each coffee, write down which coffee is in which cup (and don’t tell anyone else), and set your guests to work!  Maybe the winner gets a bag of coffee … or maybe the loser gets it, just to be nice.

Oh, and remember to take pictures – your slurping guests will appreciate the images. 🙂

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