Hot Mulled Cider Recipe

By Corin Vallee

Delicious Recipes for Hot Mulled Cider

Sorry to interrupt your National Chewing Gum Day celebrations, but did you know September 30th is also National Hot Mulled Cider Day?  That’s right, two holidays for the price of one (although I would not suggest mixing the two). 

I’m not trying to steal chewing gum’s thunder, but what better way is there to celebrate the season than with an aromatic and spicy cup of cider?  Hot mulled cider sings with the flavors of autumn and, after a day out in the crisp fall air, it is the perfect comfort drink to warm you from the inside out.  But sometimes, when you want just one cup, it’s hard to convince yourself to go through the trouble of turning on the stove and mulling an entire batch (or in my case it’s even harder to wait while the cider mulls).

In the spirit of hot mulled cider day, here is a quick and simple single cup recipe that captures all the wonderful flavors of hot mulled cider.

Hot Mulled Cider

Ingredients (serves 1)


  1. Toss the spices and sugar into a heat-proof mug.  Or use a tea-ball for the spices, if you have one.  (Want to embrace your inner Vermonter?  Replace the sugar with maple syrup).
  1. Brew 1 Green Mountain Naturals® Hot Apple Cider K-Cup® or Vue® pack on the 8oz. setting into the mug.
  2. Stir to mix ingredients and dissolve the sugar.
  3. Let steep for 5 minutes.
  4. Use a spoon to scoop out the whole spices after your cider has steeped.  If you don’t mind a clove bobbing around here or there, you can skip this step and drink as is.
  5. Cuddle up with your mug, relax, and enjoy.

Enjoy your Hot Mulled Cider, everyone!

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