Helping Homeowners in Our Own Backyard

By Amanda Cooper

Home ownership is something that most of us dream to accomplish. Ownership evokes a feeling pride and success.  Financial or physical issues that prevent proper maintenance can sometimes threaten this dream. That’s where Operation Backyard steps in.


Operation Backyard is a Knoxville Leadership Foundation program that works to improve the homes of those who cannot afford to do it themselves. These small renovations and fixes enable homeowners to stay in their houses and help maintain the value of the home and neighborhood. This program works to build healthier communities, one house at a time. The Operation Backyard program is a grantee from our Knoxville, TN Employee Community Grant Program for the past two years.



On Wednesday, November 7th, a group of 5 Knoxville employees, using their company sponsored volunteer time, built an 18’ handicap ramp at the home of Geraldine. Geraldine is a hemodialysis patient who must use a wheelchair/stretcher to get in and out of her house. The ramp was built attached to her front porch to make the process of coming and going for treatments a little easier. The group expressed that they had a great time and look forward to doing more projects with Operation Backyard.

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