Green Mountain Coffee Special Reserve Panama Lerida Estate

By Contributor

On the Panama Lerida Estate, cherries mature until red and ripe while nestled underneath thick mountain fog. Picked by skilled farmers on the foothills of the Baru Volcano, these cherries will soon be roasted to perfection- the kind of perfection that boasts 11 years of “Best of Panama” wins!










At first, the cup presents itself with floral, perfume-like aroma but a sip reveals the blend’s true complexity. As berry sweetness melts with savory notes of vanilla, the cup finds balance and ends with a deeply satisfying finish.

Just as the success of the blend is determined by balance, so is the success of the estate itself. The tight-knit community of the Panamanian coffee farmers who cultivate this crop also work to preserve the virgin forests that help to guard it. Drawing in avid birdwatchers from around the world, the hidden footpaths, lush greenery, and picturesque waterfalls on the Estate provide shelter to some of the country’s most unique birds. Lindsey Bolger, Director of Coffee Sourcing and Relationships (and cupping expert!) commends Lerida Estate for working hard to find balance among commercial interest and environmental protection.  “They’ve created an incredibly beautiful preserve that’s home to both natural and treasures and world-class coffee.”

If you still need more convincing to at least try a cup, wait until you hear Lerida Estate’s rich history! Like many of its neighbors, the Lerida Estate can trace its engineering influences back to the construction of the Panama Canal; however, what sets this estate apart from others is that its founder, Tollef B. Mönniche, actually designed the emergency dams of the famed canal. Pretty cool, huh?

As with all of our Special Reserves, supply is limited, as we only roast one batch.  This coffee was roasted on April 10, 2012, so pick up your bag of Special Reserve Panama Lerida Estate today!

-Hannah P., PR Intern

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