Great New Brands at the Keurig Store

By Drew Murray

Over the last two weeks, you’ve read about two of the great new brands that are now available in your favorite Keurig®2.0 Brewing System:

Laughing Man® Coffee – a partnership with Hugh Jackman, bringing coffee from Ethiopia to your home, in a collection of 4 inspiring coffee varieties, launched on June 4.


Green Mountain Coffee® Organic – featuring Fair Trade Single Origins and an Artful Blend, launched on June 15..

At the Keurig® Retail Store, both brands are now available, and we are extremely excited to make them available for you. Sure, it’s great to share the fantastic and inspiring stories behind the brands, but we also wanted to share just how tasty these coffees are…and we’ve been offering free tasting demonstrations to do just that!

Both brands have options ranging the roast scale, from the Laughing Man® Ethiopia Sidama Coffee Light Roast to the dark roasted Green Mountain Coffee ® Organic Sumatra Aceh.

Its great to see the initial feedback roll in, as 96.9% of those who have sampled at the store have had favorable responses to tasting the Laughing Man® coffees, with the majority of tasters using words like “Smooth”, “Bold”, and “Balanced”.

Green Mountain Coffee® Organic Coffee samples start this week!

Consider this an invitation to stop on down at the Keurig® Retail Store in the Burlington Mall this month to try out the great new coffee brands we have NOW IN STOCK!

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