Grad Gift-Giving 101

By Amy Klinger


What does any recent grad want as a gift to mark the beginning of the next chapter in his or her life? Money. Sure, it’s useful, but as a gift giver, merely writing a check can leave you feeling a little less than satisfied. Gift cards? Same deal.

I think you see where I’m going here. When you get a grad a Keurig® brewer, you are choosing a gift that keeps on giving every day. Think about the perks:

  • A fresh Keurig Brewed beverage at the touch of a button
  • Nothing to clean up. (Let me repeat that) Nothing to clean up!
  • Variety that goes beyond coffee, including hot tea, iced tea, iced coffee, lemonade, hot apple cider, chai, and more. Over 250 varieties from 40+ brands.

Not to mention, given its compact size, the MINI Plus brewer is an ideal setup for dorm rooms and first-ever apartments. Plus, it comes in a veritable rainbow of colors to add a little personality to the kitchen counter (or overturned milk-crate).

And here’s another neat idea: dress up the MINI Plus with a little school spirit courtesy of a University brewer decal set. features a selection of some of the major universities around the country.

Bonus points?? Future gifts for the brewer recipient are a breeze! Accessories, and samplers (or boxes) of their favorite K-Cup® packs, for example, are always winners. And (despite what I said earlier) a Gift Certificate is always the perfect fit.

So caps off to the Class of ’14. May your cups always be full!


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